about us

We believe that confidence leads you to the success and if you feel good, you do well.

Planet Hobbywood is all about invigorating confidence by providing quality sporting goods. Sporting goods and workout equipment is necessary for sportsmen both amateur and professional. We take pride in the production of high quality sports goods created from high tech equipment

our sports kit guarantees comfort while you are on the ground. Our unique style in sports apparel boosts your confidence improving your performance.
We have a full range of sporting goods for almost all type of sports. Our aim is to become the most trustworthy and preferable high quality sports good provider at most affordable prices.

Planet Hobbywood Inc. team is well equipped and highly experienced in making sports good and workout apparel and accessories.

Our knowledgeable staff is always there to assist you in selecting the most ideal equipment’s for your sporting needs. Whether you are looking for a single specific item or need outfits for the whole team, you will not be disappointed with regards to the equality and service from Planet Hobbywood.

If for some reason we do not have what you desire in our stock. We will do our best to get it to you through our wide network of manufacturers and suppliers of quality stock.

Our range of sports good has a long list which cover up all the athletic fields including soccer, baseball, cricket, squash, table tennis, field hockey, rugby, ice hockey, surfing, skate boarding, volleyball, golf, basketball and tennis, namely, soccer balls, softball bats, baseballs, softballs, baseball bats, baseballs, baseball batting and fielding gloves, cricket bats, cricket balls, cricket knee pads, gloves, elbow pads, ribcage pads, volleyballs, volleyball nets, shin guards, tennis racquets, tennis balls, tennis nets, badminton racquets and shuttle, basketballs, basketball rims and hoops, boxing gloves, boxing punching bags and pads, golf clubs, golf balls, footballs, sports gloves, athletic shoulder pads, hand balls, squash racquets, squash balls, knee pads, elbow pads, skate boards, and sports gloves.


Our mission is to achieve excellence through providing unmatched quality and customer satisfaction through value added service.


We envisage to create and maintain long term profitable relationships with our new and existing customers’ vendors, suppliers, distributors and manufacturers.